New Map Charts Changing Landscape for Arts in Bay Area

With the rising cost of living in the Bay Area, arts organizations across the region have been forced to leave their premises in search of more cost-effective space. KQED has been closely following the impact of escalating rents and forced evictions on the local creative community and the effects of the displacement of artistic activity on the area as a whole.

Over the past couple of years, we have produced dozens of stories for the web and for broadcast, looking at both the flight of arts organizations from their homes, and how forward-thinking institutions and individuals are exploring creative ways of helping artists to continue to work in the Bay Area.

We have gathered our coverage from early 2014 until now into a user-friendly interactive map (see above) as a way to help our audience better understand the important issues at hand.

The red dots on map show locations we’ve written stories about focusing on the disappearing arts. These include artists being pushed out of gallery spaces such as the closing of Studio 17 in which approximately 70 artists who rented studios in the Redlick building could not secure new leases.

In contrast, the green dots show new and emerging spaces for artists such as Social Hall SF and the Tenderloin Museum. The link on each point in the map will take you to the original KQED story where you can learn more.

We need your help!

This map is a work in progress and we plan to continue to update it as we develop new stories at KQED. We’d love your help in expanding this map’s reach. If you know of an arts organization we have missed, please tell us about it in the form below or tweet your suggestion to @KQEDArts.

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