Teaching & Research

Educational Philosophy

My education philosophy combines principles of John Dewey, Paulo Freire and Josephine Duveneck. I am firmly rooted in the progressive education model and I have taught a wide range of students from primary and secondary to undergraduate.

“No pedagogy which is truly liberating can remain distant from the oppressed by treating them as unfortunates and by presenting for their emulation models from among the oppressors. The oppressed must be their own example in the struggle for their redemption.” — Paulo Freire, 1970, Pedagogy of the Oppressed p. 54

“We can be forgiven our orderliness,  but never: the taming of the free spirit of inquiry, nor the loss of enthusiasm, nor the dimming of the vital spark of faith in our free ideals.” (Josephine Whitney Duveneck)

In addition I have worked as a research assistant for a professors at Stanford UniversityPitzer College and Alexis Madrigal, a journalist with The Atlantic.


Teaching & Research Experience: 

Rise Up: Be Heard Video Producer. (2017-2018)

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute, VR Instructor. (2017-2018)

Summer Lecturer, “New Media Journalism” & “Social Media Reporting” UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Minor in Journalism (2016)

Peninsula School, Assistant Teacher in Seventh Grade and K-1, Menlo Park, Calif. (September to June 2013-14)

Peninsula Summer School, Head Teacher for Summer Journalism and Summer Art and Clay, Menlo Park, Calif. (July-August 2012)

Stanford University, Research Assistant for Abraham D. Sofaer, Hoover Institution Palo Alto, Calif. (January to September 2012)

Pitzer College, Research Assistant for Joe Parker, Professor of Intercultural Studies
Claremont, Calif. (March 2011-September 2012)

Peninsula School, Assistant Teacher, Upper School, 5th to 8th Grade
Menlo Park, Calif. (January-August 2012)

Druk Padma Karpo School, Teacher, English
Shey, Ladakh, India (September-December 2011)

National Student Leadership Conference Journalism & Mass Communication, Program Director,  Washington, DC (Summers, 2003-2011)

From 2008-2009 I was a Fulbright Fellow in Hamburg, Germany where I worked as an English Teaching Assistant for students in first to fourth standard at Schule an der Gartenstadt.